Advanced Ultrasound Transmission

Partner with TechCare Gel and elevate your ultrasound. Practice to new heights of precision and confidence. Choose the gel trusted by
professionals worldwide.

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Harness the power of advanced cooling technology

TechCare cold packs effectively reduce inflammation, alleviate pain and promote faster healing. Experience the difference that our cutting-edge cooling technology can make in your recovery journey.

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Hypoallergenic, Gentle and Water-Soluble:

We prioritize patient comfort and safety. TechCare Gel is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for patients with sensitive skin. Its gentle formulation reduces the risk of skin irritation, providing a comfortable experience during ultrasound examinations.

TechCare Gel is water-soluble, allowing for easy removal from the patient’s skin and medical equipment. It leaves no sticky residue, saving valuable time and effort in the cleaning process and maintaining a hygienic clinical environment.

Reliability in electrodiagram monitoring

  • Our ECG pads boast a strong adhesive that ensures a secure and stable attachment to the patient's skin throughout the monitoring process. This reliability prevents electrode displacement, guaranteeing continuous and uninterrupted signal acquisition.
  • Each ECG pad is individually packaged in a sterile environment, maintaining its integrity until the moment of use. This packaging ensures the pads remain contaminant-free, safeguarding patient safety.
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